Behold Australia’s Grossest Drinking Tradition: The Shoey

Fucking shoeys mate! Love it! Let's have some No Brainer Shoeys soon!


In Australia, it’s not a question of if the shoe fits. It’s how much beer the shoe fits.

The rapper Post Malone chugged Bud Light nightly from sneakers thrown onstage by fans throughout his Australian tour this month. The country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves sipped tequila daintily from a glass slipper in Melbourne last week.

It’s called a shoey, and it’s a trend that’s thriving — or festering, depending on your stance — in Australian live music, as well as popping up at sporting events.

“We were told that shoeys were an Aussie tradition,” Jeffrey “Smitty” Smith, Post Malone’s D.J., said in a direct message on Twitter. “Fans just start chanting ‘shoey.’”

To “do a shoey” is to pour alcohol (usually beer) into a shoe (yours or someone else’s) and chug it. Beer cascades down your shirt. Then you (or someone else) wears a wet shoe for the night.

Famous people who have quaffed from a boot, usually at the insistence of Australians, include the Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo; film and television stars like Sir Patrick Stewart, Gerard Butler, Hugh Grant and Jimmy Fallon; and musicians including Stormzy, Machine Gun Kelly, Aminé and Luke Bryan. Harry Styles, the former One Direction singer, declined a shoey.

Read more on https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/21/world/australia/shoey.html

“Shoeys nearly caused an international incident in 2016, when a group of Australians known as the “Budgie Nine” were arrested in Malaysia after publicly stripping and drinking beer from their shoes.”

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